And the earth was chaotic and void

I’ve started quite a few projects, since the start of the year, that have a reading-a-day element to them, not the least ambitious of which is beginning the practice of Daf Yomi, or a page-daily Talmud study that begins again every 7 and a half years. Just projecting myself 7 years into the future makes my skin crawl a little at best, and leaves me facing my own mortality, at worst.

A much less aggressive practice I’ve taken up is a small book entitled Finding Recovery and Yourself in Torah. It’s meant to be read along to the yearly Torah portion schedule, which started over in late October, and which I didn’t pick up this time around, so I just started it with the new year, and have been spending a few moments every morning meditating on the passage.

I got behind over the weekend, so have some catching up to do this morning, but the first one was quite beautiful, so much so that I haven’t made it to the rest yet, and I thought I’d share, here. It states:

We learn that darkness gives form and order to the chaos and emptiness of creation. This is an interesting phenomenon. Most of us are afraid of darkness, we think that it is bad. I am reassured by Torah’s teaching of how creation happens. Here we are being told that darkness is not only part of the creative process, it is actually necessary for creation to take place. So, when we are experiencing a dark mood or a dark place, we are really in the creative process, and something is going to happen. This darkness is not totally black; there is actually a pinpoint of light at its core. This pinpoint of light is God, the source of our own creative instincts. We reach down through the darkness and find this luminescence, and sudden.y everything becomes brighter and the solution that we are creating comes to light.

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