Bonus #16

Was still feeling restless after I posted earlier, so I ran upstairs and pulled out the clippers.  A shave and haircut later I was kicking myself for not doing it before holiday dinners.  Sometimes you feel like shit because you look like shit, there’s just no way around it. 

“I like your hair; you look younger,” said my wife, when I finally emerged from the steamy bathroom. 

It’s so simple that I feel a little silly for not thinking to add it to the list earlier, but yes, do practice self-care!   My face is still puffy and broken out from my last binge so now I’m thinking I might do a mask later.  Fuck it, why not?  With plans like that I’m almost daring the blues to creep up on me.

Brushing the teeth is something I do compulsively when I’m mentally healthy, but struggle to force upon myself when depression sets in.  I’ve heard others say the same thing, so let’s go all-out.  Brush, floss, scrape, swish, rinse.  Savor the time spent caring for your body, rather than wrecking it.  In parenting classes they say that you bond with your baby by performing the acts of care for him, so I’m telling you: bond with yourself.  Love yourself, even—especially!—if it feels cheesy as hell. 

And besides, who’s going to want a drink when you’re all minty-fresh?

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